Live in Concert

We’re putting on a concert this coming Friday, Septeber 21st at the Snowgoose Restaurant, Anchorage downtown. Come dance and party until closing time. 21 & over. Tickets are $15.00 at the door.
Pamyua concert poster



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2 responses to “Live in Concert

  1. Hey Ossie,
    Esther said you guys might be performing at the Phoebe Hearst museum in Berkley…. I hope its not true. If you haven’t heard, that museum is in the middle of a huge NAGPRA dispute…they are currently holding the bones of over 10000 ancestors in thier basement. We went there in Nov. and it turns out they have a basement full of Yupik items as well…literally thousands of NAGPRA violations. Earlier this year, they disbanded thier NAGPRA unit without the consent or even talking to all of the tribes involved. There was a huge protest there in Oct. and even the NAGPRA review committee has refused to host meetings there until the dispute/lawsuit is resolved. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not support this museum…they are one of the last holdouts that think they OWN ancestral remains and sacred items. you can find out more about this at the website I posted above…..
    Instead, come visit us in Tucson or perform at the Heard museum in Phoenix!!!
    PS. I’ll be working for NARF in Anchorage this summer…hopefully get to see you all then.

  2. freedom

    I had heard of you several years ago, but “forgot” the name, and no one else seemed to know. I lived 5 yrs in Klawock, Prince of Wales Island, and liked that one tiny taste of your music. Freedom Winter McGhee. Where can I purchase CD’s?
    Website not up and running yet.
    425 S. 3rd St
    Cottage Grove, Oregon 97424
    (home of Zango Music)