Concert in Fairbanks

For all you environmentally aware people out there, let’s give it up for mother earth.

The University of Alaska International Polar Year office has invited us to Fairbanks to perform a concert at 7 p.m. Friday, Feb. 1, at the Hering Auditorium.

The concert is a celebration of the unique cultures of the north and their people’s ability to adapt to changes in both cultural and natural landscapes.

For more information check out Celebration of the North website



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4 responses to “Concert in Fairbanks

  1. Denali

    Thank you so much for the fun concert. Please come play again soon!

  2. Wendy

    Amazing concert Friday night in Fairbanks! I love the blend of tribal culture, funk and reggae — so glad to have had the experience.

  3. Angoyuk

    Had the blessing to be able to go to the concert. Went with three of my best friends from work. Enjoyed it so much! My second time to watch you in concert, and will do so every time I get a chance to. Really did miss Ms. Moeller. However, as a mom of three and akaa to seven, I can sure understand. Prayers to Phillip and his family and the rest of the gang.


  4. Anastasia

    Hey! wow thank you stephen for coming to AKIUK to come teach us Yuraq your songs..:) cant wait till May!! well see ya soon and thanks again to all of you! It was fun Yuraqing with you guys when you guys sang, and everybody went down to perform with you guys during Cama-i! I had so much fun! well thanks!!
    Anastasia Brink
    Akiuk Memorial School