Thank you all for coming out in support this past Thursday. We had an amazing night of music and dance at Bernie’s Bungalow Lounge in Anchorage Alaska. Thank you so much for everyone who helped out, especially when we had to move all the gear and stage indoors due to the rain. We love you all. See you at the next show at the Alaska Native Heritage Center on July 12th.


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One response to “THANK YOU

  1. HarlemMama

    THANK YOU???? For not coming to NYC this summer????!!! LOL.
    Not happy here. Not happy at all.

    Checking the “Casita” line-up. What!!! No Pumyua??!!! Argh!!!

    If one Pumyua member sets foot on NY soil…and I don’t know about….I’m gonna be one tight Sista!

    May I suggest:
    This is our metropolitan sanctuary.

    You are missed.
    You are loved.
    You are soo desparately needed.

    We’re waiting.

    Robin a/k/a HarlemMama