The Twin Cities Welcomes You

The Native American Community Development Institute (aka NACDI) is hosting a mega P-A-R-T-Y right in the heart of Minneapolis.

It’s called the TWIN CITIES AMERICAN INDIAN ARTS FESTIVAL. The event features award-winning bands, many popular artists AND there will be opportunities to discover breakthrough talent.

The festival of course celebrates community pride and cultural diversity but it’s really a demonstration of dedication, hard work and vision by the folks at NACDI.

The festival grounds will be outside the Minneapolis American Indian Center (16th Avenue South and East Franklin Avenue).  NACDI President Justin Huenemann is excited to host this inaugural event at what was formally known as a homeless camp.  “This is an opportunity for us to strengthen and revitalize our community and to celebrate our diverse talents,” Huenemann said.

Alaskan Inuit group PAMYUA will be traveling the furthest and will perform twice (June 11 at 2pm and June 12 at 4pm). Yaqui classical guitarist GABRIEL AYALA will be coming form southern Arizona to join many other feature guests at the event.

PAMYUA is excited to perform in Minnesota for the first time and to hopefully collaborate with the Native Pride Dancers (featuring fancy dancer Larry Yazzie pictured above).  Who knows, one of the PAMYUA folks might even compete either in the American Indians GOT TALENT or Hand Drum contests, either way its going to be a great time. We hope to see you there.  For more information click here.



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3 responses to “The Twin Cities Welcomes You

  1. I am stunned. I didn’t know about this show right in my own city! I have wanted to hear you live since 2004 when I first discovered you. I am so very sad that I’ve missed you. I would have been at both shows. I would have been euphoric. 😦

  2. CherrHicks

    I enjoyed your music, humor and dancing today at the Eiteljorg Museum Indian Market. I listened to the red CD all the way home. Truly a enjoyment – a healing tool. Blessings, Cherr

  3. Jeannie

    Love you love you love you! Came all the way from San Diego and heard you at Eiteljorg. You were the highlight of the day – great entertainers and terrific musicians.