Here’s a 1-minute short video to introduce PAMYUA to the world. We had a fun time shooting it in our Anchorage studio. Photographer and friend Kerry Tasker came in and filmed all of the white screen shots. The “live” footage is from a music video shoot we did over a year ago at the Snowgoose Theater also in Anchorage, which that music video (Where’s My Drum) is being edited by a friend in LA (keep posted for that). There’s also a short clip from the Free Tibet Concert – “A Big Dream” put on by dear friends Karma and Paola. Anchorage filmmaker and new friend Zak Melms recently edited our “Hi We’re PAMYUA” video and here it is.

Zak is with the film company Electric Igloo – these guys and girls are legit. Thank you to all of our friends and fans that helped us get our first promo video out. We’re working on a lot of projects and will be getting a bunch more things out to you. This is so much fun collaborating and creating new works. We hope you enjoy!



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2 responses to “A PAMYUA Short

  1. Loved it. Wish I could see you live. I didn’t realize the band’s name is pronounced that way. Oops. I need to change how I’m saying it and thinking it in my head.

  2. Pamyua

    Thats funny. I know our name is a little tricky, the P is pronounced more like a B. The word pamyuaq means “its tail” or “tail end” in all Inuit languages from Greenland, Canada, Alaska to Russia. In Alaska, pamyua refers to the last section of Yup’ik/Cup’ik dances and when the audience wants more it is customary to request an encore by saying “pamyua.” This is why we chose it as our name; it has a lot of energy associated to it.

    PAMYUA /bum-yo’ah/