A Quick Thank You

Here’s Phillip ducking down saying hi to supporters as Ossie stands on a pressure ridge (ice berg) being filmed in silhouette for the Bubble Gum music video. Check out the 30sec teaser by Electric Igloo and you’ll see a glimpse of the silhouette shot were talking about.

Pamyua reached their goal thanks to all of your support and particularly those who pledged money and became backers on at Kickstarter.com, as well as those that pledged support by mailing in donations. Quyana.

Pamyua will be working with Electric Igloo production company to edit the music video. We are looking forward to reviewing all of the footage and reliving the fun weekend in Unalakleet. Thank you to all of you who we met and worked with while up north. Quyana, Quyana, Quyana Everyone!


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April 12, 2012 · 5:42 pm

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  1. Bob Worl

    Congratulations Pamyua!