‘Radio Silence’ Premiere Friday 10pm et/pt


(Pamyua in Unalakleet, AK photo by Zak Melms)

Watch Pamyua’s debut this Friday July 13 on Discovery Channel’s hit reality TV show Flying Wild Alaska. The episode titled ‘Radio Silence’ showcases the realities of piloting in the Arctic as Ariel Tweto disappears from radio contact during her flight training.

Meanwhile in Unalakleet, Pamyua prepares for a free live concert on the frozen sea ice. The entire town shows up to a natural pressure ridge (iceberg) amphitheater as Pamyua surprises the Tweto family with a song written just for them. We haven’t seen the episode of course, but this is how we think it’ll go down. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens this Friday night.

A special thanks goes out to Pamyua’s Kickstarter bakers who sponsored a crew of Anchorage based filmmakers to accompany the group in Unalakleet to film a music video from Pamyua’s upcoming album SideA/SideB (to be released October 2012). To our bakers, we haven’t forgot about you and we’re working on finishing the video for you all to see first, but now its time to go “Flying” with Pamyua and the Tweto family this Friday 10pm on the Discovery Channel Quyana!