Watch Pamyua, with Pamyua

This Friday at 9pm (Alaska time) the Discovery Channel debuts its newest episode titled ‘Radio Silence’ and guess what… PAMYUA performs on camera in the show!

Watch the premiere with members of Pamyua in Anchorage at the Peanut Farm Sports Bar and Grill meeting at 8pm. The Peanut Farm has reserved its biggest screen to showcase Alaska’s up-and-coming talent, who all just happen to be young attractive Alaska Native go getters.

We are proud of the show Flying Wild Alaska and love the Tweto family! It’s about time we show the world how we do things up here in AK!

We’re excited to see you, snap a photo, have some drinks and watch some good TV together and possibly a couple “Seal Calls.”

(Friday July 13, 2012 8pm at the Peanut Farm Sports Bar and Grill)


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