Pamyua Soars with New Song


As seen on Discovery Channel’s show Flying Wild Alaska, Pamyua’s single “Flying” is a fun reggae style song written about the Tweto family and their flying service Era Alaska.

Pamyua: Flying

In the spring of 2012 Ariel Tweto invited Pamyua to travel to her home town, Unalakleet, in northern Alaska. Pamyua member Phillip Blanchett wrote this song to surprise her family. The group performed the song live on the frozen Pacific Ocean coast in Ariels village. Her family was there as well as most of Unalakleet. The concert was caught on tape and you can see it on the Discovery Channel’s reality TV show Flying Wild Alaska in the season 3 episode titled “Radio Silence.”



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6 responses to “Pamyua Soars with New Song

  1. Ada

    Phillip,what time is the gathering to watch your guys debut tonight?

  2. Pamyua

    Around 8pm. The show starts at 9pm:)p

  3. Debbie

    I just watched Flying Wild Alaska…….and the music was great. Can you come to South Carolina????

  4. Mike

    What was the song at fhe end of the episode. Doent seem to be flying?

  5. Pamyua

    You’re right Mike. The producers chose to use a different song. That one’s called ‘Bubble Gum’ and will be on our upcoming CD to be released in October 2012.

  6. I would love to have “how to make hoop drums” instructions
    is there any way you could share that with me? I am a CUB Scout Den Leader and am always looking for native crafts and things for them to learn about. Will be definitely be sharing your music Be great to incorporate the drums into to it as well

    Robin Beal
    Pack 4332 Blue Springs MO USA