Bubble Gum (Side B) MUSIC VIDEO

Bubble Gum is from Pamyua’s album SideA/SideB. This drumsong commemorates a student in Ossie’s dance class chewing gum when he wasn’t suppose to.

Pamyua’s double album SideA/SideB is a collection of Inuit drumsongs primarily sung in the Yup’ik and Cup’ik language from Southwestern Alaska. Drumsongs are powerful expressions of Inuit creativity and connection to our Arctic environment. SideA/SideB offers a new approach to appreciate Inuit music. SideA (disc 1) honors Inuit tradition by featuring only vocals and Inuit drumming; SideB (disc 2) has the same songs with different world music arrangements.

This music video was shot in Unalakleet, Alaska during the filming of the Discovery Channels show Flying Wild Alaska season three by Anchorage-based film collective Electric Igloo Creative.

Special thanks go out to the many Kickstarter supporters who funded this project. Quyana!


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  1. Hi! I stumbled across your website while doing research on Inuit drums for a sled dog race illustration I was doing for Highlights for Children. I just wanted to say I really enjoy your music, especially the bubblegum video. I added a link to your videos in my blog so others could see how much fun and moving your music is.

    Here’s a link to my blog if you’d like to see the finished illustration: http://blog30x30.blogspot.com/2012/11/whats-wrong-mush-mush-i-say.html