Stephen and Karina Back in Europe

Safe travels to Stephen and Karina.  The two Pamyua members travel to Greenland this week with vocalist Aviaja Lumholt. Aviaja is an incredible musician and close friend of the group. You will hear Aviaja on Pamyua’s upcoming album SideA/SideB from the song Ocean Prayer (to be released in October 2012). Stephen and Karina are in Denmark visiting family and happily accepted Aviaja’s invitation. They will be traveling to the Eastcoast of Greenland. We look forward to hearing about their trip.
(Aviaja, Karina and Sophie in South of Greenland 2009)


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Pamyua’s in Washington DC August 11

Screen shot 2012-07-06 at 3.53.22 PM

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July 6, 2012 · 11:57 pm

Discovery Features Pamyua on Soundtrack

Pamyua’s collaboration with LA composer Doug Bossi is now available on iTunes. The Flying Wild Alaska Soundtrack features three original songs by Doug and Pamyua.  Discovery Studio Tracks, the label releasing the soundtrack has produced a beautiful 1-minute music video using one of the new songs. The Tundra Chant music video showcases scenic highlights  from the entire Flying Wild Alaska series and the enchanting Pamyua vocals.

Watch Flying Wild Alaska on the Discovery Channel every Friday at 10pm. Pamyua will make an appearance on the show soon so stay tuned!

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Electric Igloo + Pamyua – Bubble Gum Music Video Teaser

Enjoy this short music video teaser of our 24 hours in Unalakleet, Alaska. A Lot More To Come! This barely scratches the surface of what we got. As yo can see we enjoyed our selves and now the editing begins. Again thank you for all of your support. We couldn’t have done it with out it. Quyana.

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April 12, 2012 · 5:50 pm

A Quick Thank You

Here’s Phillip ducking down saying hi to supporters as Ossie stands on a pressure ridge (ice berg) being filmed in silhouette for the Bubble Gum music video. Check out the 30sec teaser by Electric Igloo and you’ll see a glimpse of the silhouette shot were talking about.

Pamyua reached their goal thanks to all of your support and particularly those who pledged money and became backers on at, as well as those that pledged support by mailing in donations. Quyana.

Pamyua will be working with Electric Igloo production company to edit the music video. We are looking forward to reviewing all of the footage and reliving the fun weekend in Unalakleet. Thank you to all of you who we met and worked with while up north. Quyana, Quyana, Quyana Everyone!

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April 12, 2012 · 5:42 pm

Kickstarter Alaska Style

Photo by Katie O’Connor

Pamyua has an amazing opportunity to shoot a music video in rural Alaska.  Join the production and become a backer.

We are doing a concert in Unalakleet, Alaska and want to bring a professional film crew with us to spend an extra day filming a music video. To sweeten the deal, we have a friend in Unalakleet with a small commuter plane who has agreed to fly us around to get epic landscape shots, standing on an arctic mountain ridge, or something like that. We are very excited because we’ve never done anything like this before.

The song we’re singing in the music video is called Bubble Gum and is written by Pamyua co-founder Ossie. Bubble Gum is on our upcoming double album titled SideA/SideB.

Bubble Gum is sung in the Yup’ik language from Alaska and is inspired by traditional Inuit drum-dancing. This particular drumsong shows the importance of teasing in Inuit culture. The inspiration for this song was a student chewing gum in Ossie’s dance class. During the long cold winters dancing and drumsongs filled the silence, and humor was added to lighten everyone’s spirit.

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Here’s a 1-minute short video to introduce PAMYUA to the world. We had a fun time shooting it in our Anchorage studio. Photographer and friend Kerry Tasker came in and filmed all of the white screen shots. The “live” footage is from a music video shoot we did over a year ago at the Snowgoose Theater also in Anchorage, which that music video (Where’s My Drum) is being edited by a friend in LA (keep posted for that). There’s also a short clip from the Free Tibet Concert – “A Big Dream” put on by dear friends Karma and Paola. Anchorage filmmaker and new friend Zak Melms recently edited our “Hi We’re PAMYUA” video and here it is.

Zak is with the film company Electric Igloo – these guys and girls are legit. Thank you to all of our friends and fans that helped us get our first promo video out. We’re working on a lot of projects and will be getting a bunch more things out to you. This is so much fun collaborating and creating new works. We hope you enjoy!


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